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Gorkha home page boy
 Roofing -
Bungkot receive roofing for their temporary houses.
 Music Festival supports earthquake victims! -
John Little along with friends and family filled a field with musical mastery for the victims of the earthquake
 Brixham Theatre fundraising -
Janet Pettit and friends raise the roof with fantastic fundraising

Gorkha Learning for Life is a charity dedicated to helping the people of Gorkha, Nepal, bring education and health to their children.
It has done this by raising money to build and run a school in Pokharatok a village in Gorkha. We run a sponsorship scheme: pupils 15 per year - providing them with uniform, bags, books and tiffin (lunch). We also have syndicates that sponsor staff wages, and run a monthly clinic. We now support over 250 children to have an education, we run daily literacy classes for parents and provide ten members of staff - as well as a water tap, and toilets.

We need volunteers willing to teach at the school.
There are now seven classes ranging from our nursery class to Year 5. The nursery class is well resourced and our staff enjoy working in a practical way. We have equipped many nurseries in the area, complete with lino, painting and resources. If you would like to volunteer we would love to hear from you.

You can sponsor a teacher, or a child, either as an individual, or as part of a syndicate.

You can support us by attending one of our fund-raisers, or by running an event of your own.

You can make a donation via the Charities Aid Foundation >> see more details or via PayPal, the button is at the bottom of the page.

We wish to continue to support our school and to work with GOAD, a school for deaf children.

Use the navigation bar at the top to explore our site and see what we are doing. If you have any comments regarding the content of this site then please email: nell@gorkhalearning.org

Gorkha Learning For Life is a charity registered with the Charity Commission For England and Wales - registration number 1096811. For those who may wish to allow the Charity to take advantage of the tax incentive offered by the Inland Revenue, then follow this link to our form for Gift Aid. It will load a Gift Aid form for you to print out.

  Gorkha Learning For Life 2013      Registered Charity no 1096811

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